Monday, February 20, 2017

Indoctrination 4: Can't Touch This

It is no secret religion earns a privileged role in society. And it is not surprise that Christianity especially in the west gets an even more esteemed position in society. Hell, Catholicism get away with literally fucking kids. I even had a friend of mind tell me he thinks it is good that the Catholic church has covered up many of their child sex scandals. He says the importance of faith out weighs the truth and that discovering the truth is not worth having people lose their faith. I could not disagree more. Faith does not get a special pass nor does any religion. In fact I think faith is failed epistemology and religion is nothing but an extraordinary claim.

One of the key aspects of indoctrination in society, is that religion gets this pass while most other things do not. Asking for evidence when it comes to religious claims can be seen as tantamount to blasphemy. And even questioning doctrine has gotten people in deep shit. Just look at the images of the inquisition. This level of indoctrination is subtle and overt. It is possible for young kids to become biased in preference to religion at an early age because of how religion is simply revered in society. And in more overt ways, children are told that blasphemy is a sin and that questioning faith is dangerous. Granted things are becoming more and more sophisticated and religion is attempting to appear more rational and progressive, but it is still the same dogma just dressed up in a shiny new suit.

Faith is nothing more than pretending to know something that you can't actually know. The issue is instead of students learning about epistemology, logic, reason, and philosophy they are told to just have faith. Faith is a shortcut to  supposed knowledge, but it only ends you in the barren land of speculation. Faith is not even honest, it is pretense of false hope. Faith pretends to be belief and is nothing but guesswork. So why should it have any special place in society? I think evidence and reason are the best places to start for our foundation of knowledge.

And lastly, religion really is an extraordinary claim! And this is even greater reason why we need evidence. Some will say we must have extraordinary evidence, but I would be happy with any evidence. Faith requires no evidence though, which is why there are no evidence based religions. Faith is the heartbeat of religion and especially Christianity. Because how else are we to believe in a things like gods, angels, demons, spirits, holy ghosts, resurrections, heaven, hell, miracles, etc. These are all claims! And religion gets away from its demand of proof because of special privilege in society. This is why I do not give it such a special place. And just like I demand astrologers and psychic for evidence, I to demand religion. The same way I disdain chiropractors, homeopathic, and anti-vaccine nuts I disdain creationism, snake handlers, and miracle workers.

Some will say this about religion, that it is untouchable. But I say lets touch the shit out of it. Let me get elbow deep in the pierced side of religion.