Thursday, January 19, 2017

Indocrination 3: Fine Tuned Nonsense

I find it fascinating that the story of creation in the Bible is not really about a fine tuned universe but rather just fined tuned  nonsense. It is designed for the gullible. Me. That is right, I swallowed this shit hook, line, and fucking sinker. And the hook has just been pulled and thanks to the flying spaghetti monster I have been set free.

It appeals mostly to the indocrinated. Me again. For some reason I wonder why any would believe in this stuff. Most belief systems require at best a young impressionable mind. Maybe this is why religion matches cultural settings at such a stunning rate of comparison.

Born in the south? Most likely you have ties to evangelicalism. Born in India? You might be Hindu. China? Yeah, you got Buddhist. Bullshit discovered in one's life is almost always traced back to a parental source. It's almost like nonsense has been fine tuned to little ears.

It was designed for the simple minded and while I don't like to view myself as simple minded this is exactly where a dogmatic literal of interpretation of most of the Bible leads. "The Bible said it, I believe it, that settles it" was an actual song sung at my fundamentalist Christian college. And this still rubbed people the wrong way, mostly the dear Calvinists  who would say belief doesn't matter, it shoud say, "God said it, that settles it!" Reality is not defined as "that which is real" but "that which conforms to the Word of God." This may sound crazy, but I lived this, breathed it, and even preached it.

Lastly, believing the world is a mere six thousand years old lines up nicely with an ancient view of reality. In other words it's perfectly branded for the bronze age mind. The mind not acquainted with science and has no idea what it evidence actually is. The hold up the Bible and say, "here is the evidence" just as I have done. The Bible is not evidence it's the fucking claim. And in order to take this claim serious one has to put a Jeffersonian spin on it.

I get that many will say I am only talking about the dogmatic types I am safe. I am a Christian who is okay with science and evolution. I applaud you, indeed you are not simple minded, and you have a nuanced world view. However, it is like you have still been caught by the fisherman  and while he has thrown you back you desperately are trying to get back to him. Do you realize how much has to be cut from the Bible for it to make sense to you. When will give up at trying rationalizing your faith and making excuses for it? I gave up my faith because it makes no sense when given an actual test based on rationality, skepticism, and truth. This is what happened to me, Christianity made sense when I looked at it with God glasses on, but take off the glasses. Look at it like an outsider would and see how long your faith remains intact.

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